I need advice regarding UV maps and texture baking.

I’m a beginner, and I’m trying to learn how to bake a texture onto two walls which has a bump and spec map. To allign the texture, I simply checked “keep UV and edit mode mesh selection in sync” inside the UV editor and scaled it up until the texture looked good in the rendered view.

The problem comes when I try to bake the texture though, because by using this method to scale the texture, my UV map is all messed up and baking onto it is now impossible.

Here’s an image of what I mean exactly:

Any advice on how I can pull this off?

First off, make sure you have as little UV stretching as possible, this could lead to a distorted output after baking.

Also, the baking works in the image space, so make sure that every piece of the UVmap stays within those bounds (the grey square with the grid in the image editor).

Now that may not be ideal for the general texture layer, most people will utilize a second UV channel for the actual baking.