I need AMD rx500 series users to test with this Blend file

I’m facing a weird issue, Whenever i change the volume tiles size to 4px only in this scene my pc hard restarts.(Like unplugging the power cable and putting it back on)
Not just with this scene, also when i’m exporting 8k maps with Hsl prespective, color correction and color balance turned on in substance painter. Doesn’t cause any restart when i’m exporting without those 3 layers.
And in blender it doesn’t cause any restart when i work with 2/8/16px volume tiles size
I troubleshooted every single part and still it’s restarting, even with linux OS. So i’m guessing it’s GPU driver-hardware combination issue not the PSU or other components.
I tested with another rx 580 gpu on my system and still pc restarted.

In short : i’m providing my blend file here. Anyone who’s using AMD rx series gpu (rx570,580,590) can you please test this with 4px tiles size and let me know if it’s causing your pc to restart or not?
Turn the volume tiles to 4px, go to rendered view and object view couple of times, also change it to 2px to 4px couple of time. (not everytime it causes my pc to restart, if i keep doing it couple of time i restarts)

But i can’t provide my SP file right now,It’s still a WIP project. That thing just causes my pc to restart everytime when i try to export 8k maps with those 3 layers turned on.

My pc spec
I5 6400
16gb ram
gigabyte h110m ddr3 motherboard
Sapphire Rx590 8gb oc edition
Thermaltake smart modu 630W PSU

Note : i didn’t overclock anything. and i didn’t find any nvidia gpu to test on my system.

Blend file : https://mega.nz/#!F4JygSAD!F4Efgub1Cy9PEc3bZ1x6kYjI9wjKCs1y5mQujMq7UiE

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First I only have Vega card, and my RX 480s (same chips) are curently being build in new system so can’t use them.

Still this would have to be a driver issue.

If I get my RX 480s online i’ll do a test, but for will also try my vega to see if it maybe blender and OpenCL.

Still what do the OS logs show? any “thread lock” BSOD? or similar?

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Hi. The user already mentioned and shown in the other thread (link above in first message) the logs and other information.


no idea how i missed that… thanks.

RX 580 8GB here.

Everything seems to work fine.

I’m on Linux, though.

Hi, thanks for the test.
Just to be sure that you did the test well, after opening the .blend file in Render tab and Volumetrics item, you should choose Tile Size = 4px. Then switch to Eevee rendered view and Orbit the view for a while.

According to the other thread, @Md_utsho said he had the same problem in Linux too. So your test is useful too.

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I thought he said it happens occasionally and is more likely to happen if you actively switch back and forth between 2px and 4 px?

You’re probably right, the length of the other thread could have made me confused. I think I read that he said in the other thread that the problem “only occurs while he works with 4px size”. Anyway I see that in the first message of this thread he describes new steps to reproduce the problem.

I did that because it is exactly what the thread starter is asking.

Changed the tile size at least ten times and had a good look at the scene orbiting for two or three minutes. Also checked the three cameras.

Aside from it being pretty taxing no other problems found.

EDIT: Made a video. Hope it is enough proof.


Could be helpful of you to perhaps list the GPU vendor(ASUS, MSI etc.) as well as driver version and OS(Linux distro & version) used.

Could be that your GPU is at reference clocks while some variants from some vendors are factory overclocked, which might affect their stability.


Thank you very much for testing it.
So which PSU you’re using and can you tell me the GPU’s full model?

@Felix_Kutt @YAFU Thank you for being here. And i don’t know what is happening after seeing his test. This month isn’t going too well.
Before noticing this problem i was facing UPS issue. Which cause my pc to restart when it made clicking sound. i sent it to the warranty but unfortunately they changed the battery, but the problem was with the board it self. maybe it was delaying DC to AC. So i sent it again (1200va ups)
The problem was when voltage spikes ups change AC to DC and again DC to AC pc restarts. even if i turn the main power off pc works on battery power, and then if i turn it back on pc restart. This happens 5 out of 10 times.
Now after sending that 1200 va to the warranty i was using another 650va one, Which was fine until today :expressionless:
Same problem as previous one, For some reason i was suspecting the PSU, but i noticed that if i turn on Air conditioner ups used to make a clicking sound , but now it doesn’t, same as 1200va one.
I heard ups has self-testing or something like that where it makes clicking sound on it’s own, when without any voltage spikes ups makes clicking sound pc restarts.
So my question is why all of these are happening? Is this an electric issue? I’m using that 650va one for 2-3y maybe. (for my old computer and after upgrading it i was using it just for the router)
and it’s been 10Days i’m using that ups to my current pc and now it’s facing problem.
Is there any chance that my pc can cause something to the ups? (I’ve never heard of something like that, just asking)
@westom Do you have any idea about this ?

Intel Core i7 4790K @ Stock
16 GB 1800 Kingston HyperX
Sapphire RX 580 Nitro+ 8 GB @ Stock
BeQuiet! Dark Power 800W bronze

Manjaro Linux 64b with KDE DE.
Linux 5.4 rc7
MESA-ACO 19.3 git
opencl-amd from AUR (I’m away from my computer and I don’t really remember)

Edit: Added the PSU


I have a AMD 390X and volumetrics crashes my computer(restart needed as it hard locks). I’ll try your file to see if 2.81 is any better, but I doubt it as any render is 40% slower on my amd card since early cycles, meanwhile nvidia gets 300% faster with every turn.

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Or it could be your wiring in the building, how old of a building, any chance there might be or might have been in the past, aluminum wiring mixed with copper wiring?

Yeah also now i’m thinking that i should’ve gone with Nvidia, But back than i had no other choice.The price was so high because of mining

How old!! i’m not sure maybe 8-9years. Maybe i’ll contact a technician i know too see if anything is mixed up or not.
But other electrical equipments are fine. Just this UPS are behaving like this.
But psu can’t damage ups right?

Strange. I can view your file on any setting. I just can’t render it?

You can’t render it? what’s it showing? black screen or something like that?
if the rendered image is black then check the composition tab, maybe i unchecked some node

Black screen and it “rendered” it in 0.01 seconds. I get just empty png.