I need an advice before starting.

I just dont know why everytime I planned something to make in the BGE it always fails. Last time I planned making a MMORPG but fails and then FPS also fails. You dont know how many models & experiments I made just to make a game. Where should I start?

Well starting with a MMORG is a really BAD idea… first person shooters are pretty big games too. Start with something really small like some sort of breakout/pong game… or some sort of marble challenge.

Keep it simple. Come up with a simple but fun idea… eg. duck hunt or a catapult shooting stuff at targets… then build the mechanics using physics etc. Then slowly work on the graphics, as you improve the game mechanics.

The thing to remember is to build your game so you can make into a fun working game… eg. make the catapult have 3 throwing speeds. Make the targets big smaller and large… make it so that you get power ups that can change the throwing speed. Make a points system and a menu etc. It’s a lot of work. Read articles on game design.

And take it reaaaaal slow and you will end up with something finished and cool.

Don’t see those projects a failures, they’ve helped you learn. The main thing is to just stick with it, trust me, I have over 3GB of what you would call “failures”, but with each one I gained a little more knowledge. While it is smart to start with a simple project, I didn’t work that way. I kept dreaming big, and it was those dreams that kept me motivated to keep trying. Keep doing what your doing. It took me 7 years to learn as much as I know now, it could take you more, could take you less, but if you have the drive and determination you’ll make it. THAT I promise you.

Sometimes its hard to even finish a very simple game. You start the game with the knowledge you have now, and then half way through the game you find a really kool feature you want to implement, but it doesn’t fit your game. So you start a new game project, and learn something new, and it goes around in circles. Its all a learning experience, I don’t think you should seriously start any ‘projects’ until you have all the knowledge on how to create all the content you want your game to have. Just play around with simple stuff and get more complex as the time goes by.