I need an animator! (includes screenshots of game)

Hey everyone!
Me and a freind are making a platformer game kind of like the original spyro games. We were going to make the whole thing by our selves but then we ran into a problem. I CAN’T ANIMATE! So basically if your interested I can send you screenshots of the game and you can deside from there. Your probably asking “why don’t you just throw up some screenshots now!?!” and I the reason is because we are just starting and I don’t want to show it to the public yet.

What you would be doing: So heres the job: I woud send you my models and you will rig and animate them then send them back. It’s really quite simple.

Gameplay: The game will be like spyro like I said. Maybe similar to yo frankie. It will be a 3rd person cartoon game with a anime style.

Thanks for looking!
-The Dawisch

Pretty soon this forum will be entirely populated by ten year olds.

WTF is that kind of post. If you have nothing to say, then don’t post.

I think you should give some more information about your game. Post some screens , concept drawings or maybe some reference you’re gonna use. Maybe you don’t want to have your screenies public, but don’t expect that someone will react. I don’t know enough about your game to decide if I’m planning to help you or not. Give us some more information!

Okay, then how’s this…
Read the sticky thread
…sorry for the rudeness, but this is groundhog day.

The Dawisch: nobody wants to do any hard work for you if you haven’t done some first. You’re obviously young and new to Blender. If you don’t know how to animate, then learn how to animate.
Finishing your post with “Oh yeah, and if your interested… you better be good at animating!” is totally ridiculous unless you’ve shown that you have something to offer as well.
Put in some hard work first and people will show you more respect.

Sorry, but your all wrong! You got me all wrong! I knew someone would totally missread this…
I’ve been using blender for 4years. I’m 15 years old. I DO KNOW HOW TO ANIMATE. It’s just not my thing. I cant get it to look quite right. I can model very well and am pretty good at logic and scripting. The reason I’m looking for an animator is because we want this game to be good. I could animate but I would rather find someone with more animating skills than me. People arn’t just amazing at every aspect of blender. My things are modeling and programming.
I suppose if I have to put up some screens to show off the game I will. Screenshots comming!

First post updated!

I’m bumping this because It’s somewhat urgent. We need a decent animator.

I’d help out but there is no guarentee you’d like my animations; that’s the funny thing about volunteering to help people on projects when you don’t really know one another

I could have you animate one of my models (just a run animation) and I could deside from there. Are you good with that?