I need an avarge blender designer to complete a small task.

Dear friends

Hi how are you? I trust your doing well. I have modelled a simple circuit with all the necessary component capacitor, diode, and resistor. I am looking for an average blender designer to create for me an animation simulating a current passing through the circuit (current moving through a circuit in a circle and back to the beginning of the circuit). I do not need this to be very perfect I just need to have it in a very simple animation. I am quite sure this can be achieved in less then 2 hours or perhaps 1 hour for a professional blender designer. This is a will be used for a quick demonstration for primary school students on how electricity flow through circuits. I really need this today or at the earliest tomorrow morning London time. Thanks in advance your support will be highly appreciated.

An example of the way the current should be animated but in a golden colour. Very very simple. I have the circuit and component all modelled in blender.

i can do this for you , how much you paying