I need an Icon suggestion for my script

Hey y’all,
I am developing a multi-purpose weight painting tool script, which one of my tools handle normalizing vertex-weights. The button that handles this operation is an icon button. Since there isn’t a normals icon, I thought I might ask here for some suggestions that would best resemble the meaning “to normalize”. One icon I like is the COLOR icon. To me, it resembles the color-band that stands for the amount of heat a vertex weight has. What do you think?

Yes, I know, there are already a few other tools that handle normalization, but my script is different and it is hard to explain without giving a demonstration on how it works. Since I am in the middle of the process of creating this script, afterwards however, I will provide a video demonstration.

Weight Paint, Vertex Paint and Texture Paint all use a two part icon, a paint brush + something else (bone for weight painting, a ‘vertex’ icon or a checkerboard texture icon.) Perhaps you could use a paintbrush superimposed on a normal distribution curve? (You could leave out the axes and the dotted lines and I think it would still be recognizable as a normal curve…)

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To Both Orrinocco and BrentNewton,
I am not really sure I understand you correctly. I could not find either a “normal distribution curve” or a double rainbow. Are these newer Icons that I can download?

Really dude? Popculture reference.

Click the link in my first post for a normal distribution curve drawing.

Are you looking for an already made icon? Sorry, just suggestions here for d-i-y.

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How about a small square with a smooth noise-like pattern inside it, with half of it going over the end of the color ramp, and the other half fitting the whole color ramp with a brush or wand touching it?

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Google “The Double Rainbow Guy”

ahhh, I must be really missing something. From the sound of everyone’s suggestions, it seems like you all are say that it is possible to create custom icons without re-compiling Blender. If so, I sure could not find it through Google, and Blender wiki says that custom icons only work with re-compiling Blender. Am I not understanding this correctly?