I need an urgent help about demo-scenes blender shared, and eevee rendering!

Hello blenders!
I normally don’t do this, but I need pretty urgent help!
I am pretty new to Blender and also the eevee renger engine. I wanted to use a pre-created rendering scene named Race Spaceship on Blender Offical Site.
I reorganized my own version, but when I wanted to render -like the way I did with cycle engine- nothing happens.
Is it because the creator already set a collection with the angles and a camera?
And how can I set my own camera with the view I want and get an render image?

I would like to discuss and solve this as soon as possible!
Thank you for further helps!

That was set up for rendering in EeVee with an animated camera. If you moved or changed that camera thing will get messed up…If you have added a camera then you can hit Ctrl + zero on the Num-Pad to change to that new camera…
Set your scene in the viewport as you want to see it, and with your New Camera selected you can select View >Align View > Align active camera to View or Ctrl & Alt & Numpad Zero.

There is also the included add-on Stored Views, that will show in the View Tab of the N-Panel. With it you can set your view and then select New Camera to View…