I need any animation...

hi i am beta testing a render farm and would love a fairly complex animation that would test the true speed of this service, i would like about 1000 frames if not more…

email me on [email protected]

it can be any animation you already have or a quick one that has no meaning as long as it is a speed/stress test.

Are there maximum filesizes of the packed blend file that you can handle ? My other question is are you able render cycles animations?

i believe there shouldnt be any filesize limits, and yes, it can be internal/cycles/luxrender…
all three would be even better :slight_smile:

im an alpha tester to an early stage rendering farm :slight_smile:

EDIT: i have got to upload it though so 10GB is probably OTT :slight_smile:

I am willing to make the file but I have three questions first.
Do I need to use giant textures?
Can I use Simulations? (I would send the bakefile too)
Does it need to be pretty?
EDIT: does it have to be an animation? Because I have a pretty heavy stresstest file which is not an animation (maybe I could make it an animation)

hey dude i never saw this last post!
i have watched my subs too!

In all fairness i just need a stress test!
that complex scene you have?
just animate a sphere going straight through it a couple of times.
You know? just like a 5 sec animation?

Right now Im on vacation but when I come home I will try to get a dropboxlink working for ya! Sry for my late response too, you might even have fixed by now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here’s an animation I did a while ago, it has an intense ocean shader for stress testing as well as a guy on a boat dancing around. It’s about 1800 frames and full permissions to do whatever with anything in here are given to all.

Im uploading the file now, it should take about 12h I think, its 2.5GB of applied subsurface modifiers (for some reason) so it takes about 8 GB RAM to render for me so it will be pretty heavy