I need artists for a short scifi(!) film about anti-abortion

I have a big project but I am failed.

The project is done in 60-70%.
But I am failed.
This is a sort scifi film. I dont want to write spoilers. It is an anti-abortion film with a very interesting idea and disturbing visuals.

My big problem: I cant finish the film. I have no enough knowledge to continue… I am tired and I am failed with this project… I have 2-3 months of work in it (8 hours per day).

So I need artists:

-modeling and rendering microscopic views of the cells of an “organism”
-making a HUD of a futuristic medical
-compositing (I use Digital Fusion but it is possible in Blender I think)
-making music (maybe sound effects)

So this is a serious project and a big work. I think I have no hope to found somebody but I try…

You need professional Mayo or Dree-dee Max, no? Blander no professional, user no gui?
Dis blender society, not max profesionalss, use max and it become for the win! Max is pro, blander is no!

endi, you are one of my inspirations to get started with Blender. I am deep into my own project or else I would help you in a heartbeat. Don’t give up! You can do it! If I can finish my current project and this is still going on I will help.

serious project = Paid job?

This is a sort scifi film. I dont want to write spoilers. It is an anti-abortion film with a very interesting idea and disturbing visuals.

You’ve got a pair of balls, I’ve got a pair of balls, so neither of us can really understand what goes on inside the mind of a woman when she chooses to terminate her pregnancy. I dislike the idea of abortion greatly, but ultimately, It’s the woman’s choice.

Also, as JoOngle has alluded to, you’ve spent too much time being an ass around here to get any of us serious Blenderheads to help you out on this – Especially considering it’s an anti-abortion film with disturbing visuals!

Who’s going to want to spend time creating chopped up foetus models?

Oh my… frozen yoghurt… all over my screen it is!

Paid – If so, check out my portfolio: http://www.seanjmacisaac.com/

I don’t know why you guys are dissing Endi like this. He is a legend. Endi, I think you can do it if you try. I am still working on my skills as a composer, but I think I might be able to help if you tell me what you need done. Best of luck.

QFT, tis grat advece!

Sorry, Endi,

i’m just a 3d hobbyist without professional knowledge so i can’t help you. Instead of wasting your time with whining about “not so professional” blender peoples you could have learned blender from the inside out. I know you are can do nice things with blender but your ignorance to newbies/hobbyist is annoying.

Abortion. It’s the choice of the woman to do it or not to do it. Instead of making a film against abortion it could be a film about helping a woman to decide. Enough said because it is a complex issue.


Guys you are so unexperienced to life , Endi have a funny character but you are not so good on seeing it like that.
My advice to you all it is to see wat Endi say negative to be a joke in part and serious mater in part don`t get in confusion with this parts , it has dual character (not multiple character) and you must see his persona like a whole not in part.

Enought for psyhology.

Endi some people can help you but your character make them go a little …off , try to be more chilled . Maybe you have some time constrains that get you in this mood.

:wink: Happy chilling!

PS: You make me laugh! :)))

As i think abortion is absolutely necessery in certain cases, i can’t work for a project that would be conflicting with my philosophy…

JoOngle :your a freaken moron.

Hi Endi, if you are being paid for this you should say so.

8 hours per day, you are able to study about the things you need.

3 months is a enough time for you to do this.

Endi I hope that you will include in your disturbing anti-abortion film fathers too… :rolleyes:

Endi likes to crack sarcastic jokes. But theyre only jokes. He does not really intend to piss anyone. He tries to be funny. Unfortunately the language barrier makes him come a bit off.

Anyway Endi I believe you can do it man.

I dont mind about Endi jokes. But i work for paid projects. And if it s not i prefer to work for project that i can support. An anti-abortion movie for me is the sign of social regression.

you should expose a bit more of your project…

Nah, I think we all see that. The problem is, if you have an even remotely sophisticated sense of humour, the endless repetition of the same three lines wears thin very fast.

Endi is a great artist, and he could really bring a lot to the community if he actually made an effort to interact with people. A few years back, he wasn’t like this. It’s something that’s cropped up in the last couple of years.

I’m afraid you’re wrong on that score. In every way conceivable.

haha thats too funny!!

Best of luck Endi. Hopefully someone can help you out. I think Endi mostly mentioned the anti-abortion angle as a disclosure so that if anyone did have an objection they wouldn’t volunteer, not to start a flame war.

I agree with anti-abortion campaigners. And without adding more fuel to the fire, I will leave at that.

I would love to help you Endi, but I don’t know enough about 3d-Max or Maya or have access to those professional program, or even have the desire to touch it with a barge pole.

All the best.