I need blender 2.48.2 for win64

Hi,I need some help from the community.
I need blender 2.48.2 version for win 64 bit.
Someone has that version?
I need it for particles,it seems new version broke the compatibily with old version and I have found only a 2.48.1(this version doesn’t have texture nodes,I need that)
If someone has s 2.48.2 I appreciate very much if it can be shared…

Uhm,changing between 32 bit and 64 bit version breaks the connection on texture nodes!
No good.
That behaviour on win64 and ubuntu64,so file I made in win32 I cannot use on 64 bit.
The 2.49 is even worse as texture node seem not saved.

For people that have done some texture nodes setup keep an eye that with blender 2.49 probably the setup you did with blender 2.48.2 is lost,you have to redone it.
Redoing and saving again in 2.49 did the job,so I think there is some conversion problem between 2.48.2 and after(I don’t know if it’s related to 64 bit or simply the code is changed)