I need Blender 249B for Windows says 249b not 249.2 in infobar

Before telling me to use google, I checked
Before telling me to download from here:
I checked too, but that 249b really says 249.2

It has to say 249b in the info bar when you run Blender. It’s the only version that supports the work I’ve been doing.

I installed 2.62 by mistake and it overwrote my 249b’s ability to save games as runtime. They all generated errors, then somehow, I thought redownloading from blender.org would fix that but it overwrote 249b with 249.2

If you can help me download the real 249b that would be great! It’s the only version that can run Smilies Online, I am trying to learn how to network from it.


My blender 2.49b, the official version I downloaded on the day it was released says 249.2 in its header
With your link, if the folder is called 2.49b then the versions inside that folder is the official 2.49b release, the same with any other folder.

It has to say 249b in the info bar when you run Blender. It’s the only version that supports the work I’ve been doing.
Was it a special build ?

Nuances, why doesn’t 2.6 work? any specific errors?

yeah, richard is right, and eve if your work have lots of scripts you can simply see the errors on the console and fix them, maybe you use other older version of blender or something, and that is why it isnt is working.

The one that says 2.49b is the only version that supports Smilies Online and none of the 249b that say 249.2 will export any game to runtime.


ok some more extraneous info in case this ends up being useful to somebody. I saved a game as runtime from 2.62 in the same directory as a game exported from 2.49. 2.62 added dlls that made anything saved from 2.49 unplayable. So don’t export as runtime from different versions into same folder. :stuck_out_tongue:

Really? I never hear that before!

Well now you’ve read it.

Yeah, but I still think that you are doing something wrong, and the problem is not a true one since my 2.49.2 have the save runtime option.

Smiles online isn’t too hard to update

Version 249.2 is 2.49b just check the splash screen.

I assume 249.2 is an internal build number that does not support letters.
The official 2.49b (=249.2) Blender does export to runtime. The previous versions (2.49 and 2.49a) might have problems with that.

Since 2.5 you need to activate a Game engine add-on to export to runtime.