i need blueprints (especially of a piano)

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well… after i’ve finished my violin i realized that it can turn out quite nice when u modell with good references (well… i always have been using references… but just photos or stuff like that).
to have a blueprint is ermm… let’s call it a HUUGE advantage. heh

is anyone aware of some good resource pages for stuff like that?

(hope so… i’m tired of searching thousands (MILLIONS) of stupid pics with cats on pianos at google)

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Hi Kerosene

Sorry, I don´t have an URL for you, but do you have a piano dealer around, who is tuning or repairing pianos?. Big libraries (especially universities) also have good quality literature on this. I researched, when I wanted to build a 1/12 scale model for a friend of mine.

Good speed


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wow… tnx a lot :slight_smile: