I need Camera tracker software


I need a open source camera Traker :slight_smile:

Some links?


Ok i got it http://www.digilab.uni-hannover.de/docs/manual.html


Yes that one is great :smiley: I just thought I would mention to be sure to set up your voodoo camera properties as close to the real cameras as possible; that will decrease error by alot.
I’m working on a project with a friend, he works with lightwave and maya and 3ds. It’s really fun to amaze him with this open source stuff. I think almost all of the compositing will be done in the blender sequence editor.
Voodoo + Blender = Awsome

not to be picky or anything…

Voodoo isn’t open Source, its just free (like free beer), and I think technically isn’t for commercial use. It’s a research project at the uni of Hannover.

PfTrack now costs many thousands of dollars, but started as a research project at manchester uni under the now famous name of Icarus.

What we need is an OPEN SOURCE camera tracker, but because the technology in those apps is worth abit, the developers always seem to opt for selling them…

Also, the Blender Nodes are excellent for compositing, better than the sequence editor.

Good point, Voodoo is not Open Source.
It is a research project not intended for the mainstream, but it can be used commercially if necessary. My friend has been in correspondence with one of the developers, and asked that question specifically.
I agree the ideal would be an Open Source solution. Unfortunately none I have tried thus far have been as good as Voodoo…
Nodes are sweet for scenes, images, or VRs; but for compositing video right now the sequence editor is still much simpler. For material nodes:

Origanaly posted by Postman:

Right now, the only way I know of is to load the video/animation into a Texture, apply the texture to a plane, size the plane to fill the camera view, then parent it to the camera."
Please note; this may change in the (very) near future.
If you have gotten video (other than animated gifs) to work at all with the composition nodes please let me know! I haven’t had any luck with it so far.

Thanks for the clarificatrion about Voodoo’s potential comercial use: I eat my words…

To load videos into the compositing nodes, get an image source node, load the first frame of a sequence and set it to play as many frames as there is in the sequence in the buttons at the bottom of the node. This has always been the case as far as I know. Note however, that the sequence will not play back when you press play, but if you advance to another frame and refresh the veiwer by clicking it, it should update. And the whole sequence will render if you set it to.

Video is harder, but is loaded using the same node. The reason that there are problems using video is that there are differing amounts of support for the different formats and codecs in the test builds, depending on who built them. I always use Targa sequences anyway.

On page 3 of the sticky about compositing node tips, I have posted the link to a pdf I wrote about the basics of how to use them for compositing video sequences.


Great thanks, I’ll check it out!

I’ve used Voodoo & Icarus 2.07 as well as Icarus 2.09 & I would definitly recomend Icarus 2.09 its easy to use & it does a very accurate job, the down side is it’s becoming very hard to get. I was lucky to find a site that still has it, I downloaded it yesterday because I lost my original copy. You can’t use download managers to download plus you may have a bit of trouble with there servers, but it’s well worth it. Here’s the link to it. http://files.filefront.com/Icarus_209/;3922266;;/fileinfo.html

For some reason I can’t download from that Icarus 2.07 link. I’ve tried using Voodoo, but the only number I understood in the box it gave me was the one the instructions said I didn’t have to bother with. I did manage to create a 3D selection of dots in Voodoo, but I have no idea how to import them into Blender - does it work with the newest version? Otherwise can I get a version of blender that it will work with, save the blend file, and import it into the newer version?

Basicly, I need some help using it. Can I get any pointers?

This one is open source:

This one is open source:
the link is broken is there a mirror?? - seem to work again -thanks


It’s way better than VooDoo. And I mean way.

It is really nice that camera tracking is being integrated into blender 2.5!

Did you have to resurrect this thread? Aren’t there already a handful of Tomato/tracker threads?

wait… 2.5 has a built in tracker?

No not yet. It is a GSoC development branch to integrate libmv.

No wait now I’m complicit in perpetuating an old thread, arrrrrgggghhhh!!!

Has anybody seen these videos yet?

It looks like somebody is developing a method to integrate camera tracking right into the Blender software. Pretty cool looking if you ask me.

Just FYI, theres one IN blender now :smiley:

I saw this blender cookie video this morning and I’m still trying to pick my jaw off the floor! :slight_smile:
Sebastian has made the definitive Syntheyes to Blender 2.5x tutorial on cmivfx and since he says that tracking is already better in blender I take his word for it.
There’s is also an update of that video too, seems like features are being added on an hourly basis! :wink:
Tomato rocks and so does Sergei. Exciting times ahead.

Well, it is definitely super impressive and i like the alignment/orientation better in blender, but it’s not like the blender tracker is really overall better than Syntheyes. But for a Blender user it really has the ability to replace Syntheyes for 3d tracking. And with a bit more time and development it will be a serious rival for Syntheyes. For me it has already replaced it for basic 3d tracking.