I need Fluid sim help and tips

Hi everyone !! so i have flip fluid simulation addon and am trying to do fluid simulation my project need the inflow fluid to shoot small burst of fluid but i need it to be small …

my project is a medical needle injector shooting continuous bursts of fluids but in order
to make this happen i need to scale down my fluid spawner but when i do i need to increase resolution and it taking forever is there a way to reduce the time but still have what i want for my project please give me an advice tip or help i would really appreciate it

Fluid sims works well in scale where your domain size is something like 10 units, and inflow/outflow is something like 0.2 units.

So if you got inflow size of 2mm, it can shoot something like 10cm range and drop 10cm to fit in fluid domain.

This is probably not enough, so I is likely better to forgot fluid sim and shoot particles instead. So use particle emitter and model tiny fluid particles. There is no domain limitations then.

So there is no other way if i wanted my project to happen !! i have to wait for long time for fluids

Use fluid particles, their speed is related amount of you have. So forget fluid physics and use particle emitter: https://docs.blender.org/manual/en/latest/physics/particles/index.html

You can test to shoot 100 particle or something to get particle working and then increse amount and lifetime what you like.

Fluid sim is slow but bigger issue is that there are scale limitations. Fluid inflows and outflows need to be coarse but shooting stuff from needle or hose using particles and that works perfectly. You can also fake things by using both systems. Like have magical needle that shoot to wall, use paint texture to get it wet and raise some fluid plane in floor to get flooding, and drop object and have small fluid system there to make realistic spash.

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Something that can really help with performance is to size the domain so that it fits tightly around the fluid effect. This helps maximizes voxel density so that there is adequate voxel coverage by the inflow and also minimizes required system resources.

Related topic: How large should I size my domain?

For example, if the needle is emitting downwards, it could help to size the domain so that it is more of a narrow column:

Something that can also help with small emitters is to use a longer cylinder object rather than a sphere. This helps create a more continuous flow whereas a sphere can tend to create a stuttering emission of fluid.

Hope this info helps!

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