I need help animating a smash

I’ve just finished modeling an alarm clock and an arm the animation is of an arm smashing the alarm clock when it sounds at 6 am, I can move the arm and make the alarm clock jump, but I can’t seem to find the best way to animate an alarm clock being smashed. oh and the alarm clock is a cube for the most part, with the exception of a rounded top.

you have to pre-breakit into pieces, then animate the pieces flying off into space. There are two ways to do this - You can use the BGE for this simulation and record the pieces’ IPOs, or manually, giving the pieces different velocities.

well it sounds like useing the BGE is alot esier but I’ve never tried it, can you help, or maybe point me to a helpful thread?


So, basically set the table and bed and floor solid, your hand solid, give your pieces some mass, and let it fly.

Do a search in this forum for “demolition.py”.

Hmm, are you smashing it, or squishing it? If you are squishing it you can deform the mesh and insert keys over time… maybe

ditto to that. In fact, here it is.

What if you did it with a clever “cut?” You show the clock going off, jumping around on the table, then cut-to reverse-angle to the arm coming down, (then maybe cut-to the clock looking-up with a shadow coming down… “uh oh…”) then cut back to the original angle where the hand obscures most of the clock and you see rapidly-moving parts. If you then need a reaction-shot from what’s left of the clock, close-up to a shot of what is actually a different model, with a couple of loose pieces moving slightly in shock.

Bingo… your intention is unmistakable, but you just saved yourself a lot of work. The viewer knows what happened, but didn’t see all of the details that are complicated to animate. And let’s face it, we’ve seen way too many shots of exploding paraphenalia, all slowed-down to hyper-slow speed just so that the viewer couldn’t miss all the details that the studio spent so darned much money on. :RocknRoll: