I need help animating my character!

I’m working on a game and a made a character in blender from a tutorial, but i can’t animate. So I need some who can animate and rig my character. I just need a walk and idle animations and maybe some cloth and hair animation.
You’re name is going to be in the credits.:eyebrowlift2:


myCharacter.blend (484 KB)

Out of an admittedly patronizing morbid curiosity I decided to take a look. It never ceases to amaze me how many people finish a
“my-first-character-model-101” tutorial and then decide that following an hour long step-by-step YouTube video has somehow qualified them for the rigors of genuine game development. I know that sounds both disheartening and rude, but there’s really no polite way to say that what you’re asking for is entitled and absurd.

  Look, this clearly isn't a real game that's ever going to be actually played or released, so why does credit matter? More importantly, why not try to do it yourself? It doesn't matter how a test comes out looking, and you'll learn far more about modeling characters for animation trying it yourself then you will fobbing it off on the kindness of internet strangers. 

It’s okay to take your time on things, and learn a bit of all the basics. There’s plenty of tutorials on entry level character animation which could have you up to speed on what you’d need for a simple walk cycle in an hour or two. You’ll feel more confident AND more accomplished that way, believe me.

I have tried to rig my character, using a youtube tutorial but I failed.:no:
But maybe I should try again.:slight_smile:
Anyway thanks for reply on my question.

thanks for your help.:slight_smile:

Yes, well, YouTube tutorial quality varies from excellent to abysmal, maybe you were trying to follow one of the less helpful ones. If you want to learn about rigging (in general, not specifically rigging characters) then study Nathan Vegdahl’sHumane Rigging.

Now, if all you want to do is just rig one character (shortsighted, but it’s your life) then drop by either the Tutorials, Tips and Tricks subforum and look around to see what experienced Blender Artists recommend, or, better still, go to the Support>>Rigging and Animation subforum and ask.

If you notice, this is the Modeling subforum. This is where people who know a lot about modeling hang out to ask and answer questions. Riggers and Animators have their own little corner of Blender Artists, and it ain’t here. Blender Artists has even put up a subforum for people soliciting Volunteer Work, which is what you were asking for in your first post: someone to do something for you and not get paid. Good luck with that, by the way. If you decide to go that route, I’d suggest you figure out a more persuasive argument than “credits” in a game that, as TidyPachiderm pointed out, no one will ever see but you, the volunteer, and a couple of your friends.

Welcome to BlenderArtists :smiley: