I need help. "Armature" isn't showing up on my men

I recently downloaded V 2.37a, and have come a good ways on creating my first model. But I need the “Armature” so I can move things around to finsh her off. And as I said, “Armature” isn’t showing up on my menus anymore. It was there until last night, now I can’t get it to show up at all. I tried the drop box at the top of Blender, the Space Bar, and even holding down the left mouse button. Everything else is there.

Come to think of it, the camera and starter lamp arn’t visible either. Maybe these are linked?

Never mind… %| It was a newbies mistake. I didn’t know to place the cursor over the target. And as for the camera and lamp, I had the settings set the wrong way. Sorry to trouble yall. I have only been at this for a week.

BTW… I have fallen in love with the “Sub-divid Smooth” feature. Makes even a newbies stuff look top end.