I need help: Cartoonish Fire Wings

Hi everyone! I would like to create a visual effect, similar to this one:

Basically, I need an animation of a flaming wing and the fire must dissolve in the ending.

I have tried to mix many different tutorials like fire mesh animations and cartoon explosions, like these two:

but the results are way too far from what I really need :face_with_head_bandage:.

Does anybody have and tip, ideas to solve the problem? Thanks in advance!

The basis of any “dissolve” shader is taking a grayscale texture with some noise on it and “clipping” it based on an animated threshold value. Anything above threshold is visible (alpha 1), anything below is set to zero. You can do it by keyframing a Threshold in Converter-Math-Greater Than node, and putting result into alpha input of the material.


In your example, dissolve mask texture is animated (scrolling) by offsetting its UV coordinates. More accurately, there are two textures: a gradient from top to bottom which causes the wings to gradually disappear, and animated noise texture which provides detail. Both masks are combined (most likely, by multiplying) and the result is put into cutout/some analog of Greater than node. Of course there is some post processing (bloom) effect

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thank you very much for the reply! Your solution solves the dissolve part very well! But I still need some help with the initial animation… What do you think it was used to make that spread-wing-effect? I tried to create a mesh > icon sphere and add some shape keys with lattice. And also tried another way, with a plane with some armature connected to it, so the bones would deform the plane that has a fire material. Both of them and still far away from the visual effects that are seen. I would like to have some clear look of a wing, but since the wing is covered by flames, it doens’t need to have details and so.

my goal is to recreate this win pose:

I even tried to model some sort of dragon win and rig it, but then the fire does not “cover” its shape as expected :sweat_smile: Any help with the animation part would be appreciated, but you have already done a great job with the dissolve part! thank you very much!

Armature, definitely. The question is how detailed the mesh needs to be. Not sure if it should be straight mesh “ribbon” or something with individual feathers assigned that dissolve shader. In any case, replicating the second gif 1-1 will be difficult since there was some frame by frame animation involved


Yes, I see that there is some hand-made drawings involved, but I will try my best to re-make it only with objects and procedural fire shaders! Thank you for the amazing tips and ideas, I wil post th result here later on!