I need help exporting an AutoCAD file to DXF

I don’t have AutoCAD and I need to transform the file to DXF to make an animation. Could someone help me please?

WTF are you talking about? What does AutoCAD have to do with any of this? What file?

Could you possibly be more vague? Just say something like, “I need help,” and we’ll guess what the problem is. Mindreading is a side hobby of every Blender user.

if you need to get it into blender you might get better luck in blender general.

why do noobs always post a question first?
maybe we should have a delay, like you can only start a thread after you have posted 10 posts. Or like three days. To get people to read the other noobs posts. At least this one is at elysiun, instead of blender.org.
try an exporter, search the python forum or check the latest blender build. Search for those, too.
And my mindreading is coming along quite well, thank you.