I need help finding a private blender tutorial about car rigging somewhere else

I need to find a tutorial by the YouTuber blazraidr. He is the developer of a well known Blender Car Rigging project (which can be purchased for $119 on gumroad), and had released 2 tuts on how to make the rig before he was selling his project. He obviously took it down so he could profit on it (which makes sense), but I’d like to find or at least watch the original videos. I have the 2 links here, but they are both private.

Part1https://youtu.be/v_bgexISCSA**AndPart2 **https://youtu.be/0JOp2WJvIkw

I will eventually try the rig-a-car addon, but I feel like blazraidr’s project is superior in terms of automation, and I’d like to see how it is set up.

Also the titles were “Car Rigging Tutorial with Blender - Part 1/2”
and “Car Rigging Tutorial with Blender - Part 2/2”

I had to type the links stupid like that because I’m a new user and it won’t let me post 2, sorry. Just copy and paste the youtube parts.