I need help for achieving photorealism!

This is what I made:

But I don’t think it’s photorealistic. Any ideas? What can I change or add?


Welcome. :grinning:
Clutter and grunge, imperfections, and details. Pictures on the interior walls, different (slightly) light colors in each room, graffiti, trash can, mailbox or bus stop, parked car, handrails for stairs.

These are just some suggestions but you get the idea. This a great start! Love the scene. Good luck to you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Take it from someone who still has a real darkroom in his house: “there’s really no such thing as ‘photorealism.’” Virtually every photo you’ve ever seen “isn’t realistic.” It has been manipulated – used to be in the darkroom, now it’s digital. What your photo has going for it right now is that all of the exposures throughout the frame are plausible, and well-balanced against each other. You’ve got interesting lighting effects in all the windows, a believable sky, good light in the alleyway … indeed, in both of them. I can see the telephone pole. Nice snow.

In short – there’s always things that you can add, things you can do, but right now I think that it’s okay for you to “take a bow!” You have some really, really nice work here. :+1:

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I agree that it’s all about details. The alley wall on the left is too uniform. I’d also expect people would have stuff by the windows: plants, lamps, decorations, a mug, etc. There would be some trash on the ground even in the cleanest neighborhood. Definitely a handrail for the stairs.

It does look nice already, but realism generally = details.

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Hi and welcome to the community!
First suggestion is to add some moonlight on the environment.
The bricks on the wall look too young compared to the wood on the extruding blue cylinders.
I feel the lamp is too small.
There’s not enough snow on the fire escape stairs to the left.
It doesn’t make sense that someone would be cooking at this time of night, and if they were, there would definitely not be this much smoke coming from the chimney (I don’t even know if there’s supposed to be a chimney).
I don’t think workers who were building the complex on the left would make an entire wall out of a singular load of cement, they would have done it in stages, or they would’ve made the building brick as well.
The room on the top left but one down has walls and ceilings that are way too liquidy, I suggest to turn down the strength of the paint or flatten it more.

But, don’t think that the scene is bad, the scene is nice to look at, but there are some fixes needed. I like it, I like your modeling, I like the amount of thought put into where things should be.

I hope you take all of our suggestions into consideration. Hope you work this hard on every other project as well :slight_smile: