I need help from a 3d modeller in my newest game ideas

I am interested in creating a few games, but am mainly a coder. I need a blender artist’s help to create the custom 3d models for the games. These could include vehicles, cities, characters etc, and may need rigging and animating.

Please write back here or to my email - [email protected] if you are interested.

Thanks and Regards

Please capture our minds with your creative and unique imaginative idea for this game


You should code it first using placeholder objects (for at least the basic game mechanics) and then ask an artist to make the 3D models.

@BillyA, I’ve already tried using placeholders, and I’m back to this forum only after that😉

@Josip_Kladaric, email me if you’re interested and I’ll forward the GDD.

It’s good idia

How can mail to you?:relieved:

Write at [email protected]