I need help! Help with rigging a Lattic Eye


(Ready Set Mutive) #1

I am having a problem. So I have Lattice modifier eyes. I am trying to rig them but here is where the problem starts. If I don’t apply the mod, then the eyes don’t follow the head bone. If I apply the lattice Mod then the eyes rotate completely different. I’ve tried a different eye rig but nothing seems to be working.

Right eye does not have lattice mod apply
Left eye does have lattice mod apply
(They are labeled)
Here is the blender file

(Ready Set Mutive) #2

Found the answer. You have to parent the lattice to the head bone. Just going to leave this here in case anyone else needs it for help

(Kelthor) #3

Thanks for giving us your solution, had this issue and this solved it.