I need help here lol.I am a big NOOB at computers.

Ummmm…how do you post stuff on this site i am real new to this computer stuff…so plz help me out.

www.freewebs.com/chronoxx/ is my web site some of my work is there.I am real new to blender maybe been into it 2-4 weeks.

Dude its awesome seeing someone else my age (im 16) working on blender. whats sucks is that i cant post my pics anywhere.

That blender logo is actually really good. which one of those was your first blend?

wow man. that is realy great. im 15 too but i cant make such nice pictures. but i made an animation :smiley: . see my thread: https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=23539

realy nice.

seems you found out 8) . just press the post reply button and type your message.

dude, you blend in school?

what is wrong with that? they have fast computers and a fast internet connection. :smiley:

ya, but were you supposed to?

i was on elysiun at school a few times.

they got a different server and i cant do blender anymore, but if an teacher is sick and i have nothing to do i was blending. there is an special program on the internet for our school but i didn’t tried that yet 8) .

I’m in the same boat as you guys.

I do my posting on here after school, because I walk to work and school gets out at 2:30. Work starts at 3:30, so I have an hour to use the computers.

Crit for your pics, Chrono X: A lot of them look too shiny. Cut down on the spec. The pic with the water- was that just a photo texture on the water? It looks like one I’ve used but could never get to look quite that good.

umm i blend in art class so im allowed :P. From that selection the chess set was the first thing i did and thats how i learned how to make glass.

cool! wow my first blend was like…104567-08234609827668 times worse than ALL of those. wow. great work for how new you are!!

oh and btw im only 14

why not? you can use www.photobucket.com its free

ChronoX man, this is some good Blender work you’re doing. I really like the water pic (your best). You seem to have the hang of the raytracer, the chess set is very good.

As I think has been mentioned, turn down the spec level on your materials, and/or increse the spec hardness too, that should take out some of the glare on your models.

The toilet scene could do with a shadow lamp or two, either use spot lamps with buf shadow or ray shadows for other lamps. If you have shadow lamps present, then the shadow button in the render buttons needs to be pressed.

Maybe increase the fresnel value in the shaders section in the material buttons for the toilet porcelain. Only god’s loo would be that clean. :smiley: Also the bump map for the floor tiles looks inverted. Just press Nor button again in the material buttons (will turn yellow) to invert the bumps.

The fruityloops page is empty which is a shame, I’ve been using Fruity since the first release, top program. Would be cool to check out some of your work with that.

I think you have a lot of potential with Blender. Blend the planet.


Call me an old photographer, but my suggestion also is that you should buy or check-out a few books on studio photography, and studio lighting. If there’s any one thing that will make-or-break an image (no matter how you produced that image), “it’s the light.” All of the principles that you’ll find talked about in those books applies very well to CG. You can take the chess-set or the bathroom scene and really “work” the lighting in them a dozen different ways and be amazed at the result.

LOL wow. You get more replies then i do. Keep up the good work.

uhm, i’m 16, so what? :smiley:
i actually started blender at school, during a lesson with my jobs done… appears to be a good place for artists :slight_smile:

commantary on my guns picture from my drawing teacher (dont know how to call her else)

that looks like the work of a famous russian

I DESIGNED IT MYSELVE. sorry became a bit angry.
it seems to look like art. :smiley:

Well, just so everyone knows, I am 14 as well… I have know idea what my first blend was like, it was a while back. I started blending and then stoped for a long time, and picked it back up about a year or two ago. Nice blends by the way.

well, my first blend was a cube :smiley: .

:smiley: I’m 16 too.
I’ve tried to blend at school, but the computers are sloooow. So I make homework at school and blend at home. :smiley: http://reblended.com/www/backiz/M3DGallery.htm

by me it is just the other way: the computers at school are faster than the computer at home.

p.s. nice pictures at your site.