I need help! How to upgrade beta version 2.8 of Blender to new beta version 2.8?

Sometimes there is a file duplication error. I have to delete the entire folder of Blender. Then install and configure all the necessary plugins.
How to quickly update the beta? Which is the right way?
Operating system is: Windows 10.

Which operating system?

Operating system is: Windows 10.

Since 2.80 is still in beta there’s no official MSI installer available, so each version is simply a zip file that you can extract anywhere. Don’t extract a new version over an old one or you’ll encounter issues like out of date bundled add-on files that were in the old version but have since been renamed/moved/deleted.

I would just extract each 2.80 version that you download into a separate folder and if you like, create a shortcut on the desktop to the latest blender.exe for convenience.

For settings and add-ons you have a couple options. If you don’t do anything, then all the different 2.80 versions will share one set of add-ons and preferences in a central location like c:\users\you\appdata\roaming\Blender Foundation\2.80\ and so a new version should both see the existing add-ons and have them enabled from the preferences (I think).

If you want each version of Blender to keep its configuration separate, which will require you to install your add-ons each time) then you can create a “config” folder under the 2.80 directory inside the extracted zip file location where belender.exe is. If Blender finds the 2.80\config directory at startup, then it will use that location for config files and should look for add-ons only in the associated 2.80\scripts\addons directory.

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