I need help if you have a minute or two :)

Hi guys,
a few months ago, I moved my web pages from godaddy to canadianwebhosting here in Vancouver and am very disappointed with their service.

Here is the problem …
My pages:


take up to a minute to load. When I complain, they load fast for a day or two than it’s back to snail speed.

So, could some of you try to load the pages and post the time it takes for each page to load? (Maybe your location (city/country) but that’s optional)
It would help me a lot if I could proof to them that it is not my browser cache and and and other excuses …

They are not providing the service I payed for and giving me the run around which wastes a lot of time. I’ve missed several deadlines and can’t take it anymore :frowning:

To those of you who will help me I say THANK YOU :slight_smile:

e r

Around 10 seconds for each

3 seconds for xylofun,
2 seconds for ernstrenner.

Virginia, USA, Comcast internet.

about 5 seonds each

5 for xylofun
2 for ernstrenner

Montana, USA

12 secs for Xylofun
9 secs for Ernstrenner
(Opera MacOsX on a mobile connection from Italy)

I really appreciate it.
For the time being, it’s probably better to give it a rest because I wrote a letter of complaint to the co-owner this morning and they might have prioritized my sites … for a day or two.
It usually slows down again but I suppose that’s the best I can do for now.

Anyway, I better finish backing up everything and search for a decent host that doesn’t run a million sites off of one measly server …

Thanks again and ciao for now :slight_smile:

P.S. It’s Wednesday today so if anyone reads this on the weekend, please feel free to post so that I have a comparison on where things stand.

10 seconds for xylo
3 seconds for the other one

Canadianwebhosting.com has moved all my pages to a new server and it appears that all of them are loading as fast as if they were on my hard drive!
I am happy with how they have resolved the problem and can go back to blending.

Thanks guys for posting the access time data because if the company would have chosen to ignore my complaint, I would have had something to back me up!

Ciao for now,