I need help installing blender properly.

(Moravec) #1

Hello, i am new to modelling in blender (and new to modelling in general), and i was looking around for a modelling program to use when i found blender.

When i installed blender (the newest one) it prompted me to install some programs (mccp+ or something amd python). i did that, but when i runned blender it said it was missing “MSVCR71.dll” and Re-installing might fix it. so i re-installed it, and it told me i needed python (which i already installed), then, when i ignored the warning, it gave me the same error.
I tried reinstalling Python and Blender to fix it. But i don’t seem to be able to get it working, and, assuming you are all familiar with blender, i assumed this would be a good place to ask (also, i couldn’t find a tech. support forum on blender.org).
so, I hope you can help me out with installing it, and eventually get better at modelling using it.

Thanks in advance.


(Friday13) #2

Download and install this.

As for Python, the latest Blender requires version 2.5. You might have to add the Python directory to your system’s environment variables (see here).