I Need Help Making Faces!!!

I traced a gun in blender using a plane but with the edges only.

Now i got lost because when i extrude it there is an empty space in the middle of the gun :frowning:

Plz help

Thanks in Advance

P.S: the blend file is downloadable


ak47.blend (216 KB)

You’ve got thousands of double vertices. Just go into edit mode, select all with ‘a’, press ‘w’ and choose ‘Remove Doubles’.

then what do i do?
I removed 1000 or so of double vertices.
thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Well, you should be able to extrude your vertices now. Is this your first model?

srry i did not respond i was in vegas :slight_smile:

anyway when i extrude there is a huge hole in the middle of the model i would like to cover it up with faces but do not how to do it.

extrude the model i put and you will see what i mean

e> edges only > (x to scale on x line) > big hole in middle

Ah okay. Well, unfortunately there’s no button to push to automatically create the faces you need. You’ll need to go in and start manually adding faces by selecting the corners of your face and pressing ‘F’. It may help to reorder the vertices in your outline to a more orderly pattern, (ie. if you have 2 vertices above you have 2 vertices below).
Hope this helps, but let me know if I can explain it more clearly.

thanks for your help

this is going to be a long project :smiley:

if you know an easier way on how to model guns please tell me in this forum or pm me :slight_smile:
thanks again visionary cynic :slight_smile:

I recommend dividing the gun into several objects and working on them separately. For example, You could add a cube for the magazine and keep extruding and adding vertices until you get the correct shape. Then go on to the trigger, etc.
Here’s a decent shotgun modeling tutorial, although his mesh ends up kind of messy:

You can save some time when “making faces” by choosing the edge select mode, where each mouse-click selects an edge, not a vertex. When two edges can form a plane, FKey will make a new face.

But indeed you might get farther, faster, if you separate your existing model into distinct objects, move them some distance away from each other (for convenience) and complete each one separately. Then you can (if you like…) move them back together and rejoin them.

Thanks for all your help :smiley: