I need help modeling the roof of a house

I cannot figure out the best way to model the roof of this house, and I am having a lot of problems doing it. Im new tho this and im confused. I modeled the bottom of the house just fine, but how should i model the TOP half of the house. And yes the roof must be slightly rounded like in the photo. Thankyou http://www.istockphoto.com/file_thumbview_approve/11391987/2/istockphoto_11391987-cartoon-house.jpg

WELL… there are a number of ways to do this. I’d go to obj mode, select the roof/house, then goto edit mode, use point select mode, and use b to grab 'em, make sure you’ve divided it into sections with k, make sure to now press O key, or better yet, I’d just use S to scale it down. You may want to use scale select mode when doing this. You can also grab points at the top of the roof one set at a time and scale them on the x axis by pressing x after s. … think it’s the x axis.
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First create a cube. If you built the bottom house, then use that as your cube. Press ctrl+r to enable loop cut. Scroll your middle mouse button and position your mouse so that you can see 3 purple lines going vertically into your house. Click to confirm. Make sure you are in edit mode. Next, grab the top middle vertex, using the box tool, so you can select the front and back vertices. Constrain grab to vertical axis. Move it up any amount you prefer. Finally, just select the other 2 vertices we have created earlier and drag them up on the vertical axis too. Experiment to give your house more of that “rounded look” you’ve wanted. Note: If you select the top of your house with the box tool, you can press subdivide 2 times to give you the same vertices as loop cut. You can also add more vertices if you want your roof to have more detail in the rounding.

Video Tutorial on it from me :slight_smile:

In the video one last step that I did is missing which is the side extrusion of the roof top.

Blend file is also attached.


home.blend (154 KB)