I need help on a tutorial. Can someone please help me?

(system) #1

For blender 3d in the site http://www.elysiun.com/tutorials.php?id=1 this is a tutorial called “designing a futuristic ship”. When we start this tutorial it says to open up blender and select the default plane. How exactly can I select the default plane?

(Idgas) #2

When you first start blender there is a default plane right click on it to select. Unless of course you have changed your default by clicking alt u after deletign the plane.

By the way welcome :slight_smile: its good to have you. Feel free to ask questions

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please ask these kind of questions in the Questions And Answers section though. This forum is only for support directly related to the service we provide at the website.

All questions abot Blender should be asked in the Q&A forum.