I need help on making car physics

I’ve been using blender for like a month but all i know how to do is to make a really unrealistic car game:(:(:(.can somebody help me on making good car physics.

try these great tutorials,maybe:

thanks i hope this works

i still need help because the with of my tires is supposed to be the the x-axis but instead its the z-axis
and the lenght of my tires is suppsed to be the y-axis but its the x-axis so when i press play all my wheels are sideways and i dont know how to fix that.

hi kracker93,

To change the orientation of the axis for the tires:

  1. Select a tire.
  2. Orient it to the world axis. (in other words, stand the tire up. rotate it so the front of the tire points in the same direction as the world y axis. Tire side points in same direction as world x axis.
  3. Apply scale and rotation to Object Data. Ctrl A key >> Scale and Rotation to ObData. This will automatically match the orientation of the tire axis to the world axis.

Or you can enter Edit Mode and rotate the tire to orient them.

Do the same for the rest of the tires and your car.


thanks that helped!

ok i made the car physics.can somebody tell me how to put on/make car and wheel textures please?

Well… for textures first you need to unwrap them, then you can load the UVs into program like gimp, or you cn texture them within blender by importing images and texture painting.

Here, you’ve an old tut, maybe useful:
and here you can download an old textured model:

i got a problem:when i play my game i can only see only few metres ahead of me and i dont know how to save my game so i can play it like the real games

does anyone have a texture of a 1969 ford mustang?