I need help please: Blender suddenly won't complete the rendering of an animation

Unfortunately i don’t have a linux machine to try on. But i agree with your feeling as it’s mine as well. Sometimes some things (beside this most recent one) happened in the previous months were unexplainable, and for example the same procedure was working in a file but not in another, so by appending everything i was able to sort the issue out, which leads me to think that files might get corrupted somehow.
But i’m really still just a noob with Blender, so i’m not sure of my conclusions neither. :man_shrugging:t3:

@Photox I have only used Windows with Blender for 3 weeks now. Before that I was working on MacBook Air, with Intel Core i5, 8 GB Ram, Intel UHD Graphics 1536 MB. In January-February this year I did a short animation project that involved a lot of fire and particles. I did not know about baking, so nothing was baked. Some sequences took 4-5 days of constant rendering at 40 mins to 1 hr per frame. On top of that, during daytime I was always doing something else on my MacBook while rendering. But it never, ever froze or crashed… Slow, but steady :sweat_smile:

I just wanted to thank whoever spent some of their own time to try to help with the issue. I really appreciated it! :pray: :blue_heart:

I have a new weird issue within the same scene now though… :rofl: (no rendering freezes at least! :sweat_smile:)
You folks think i can keep this post open to explain about it or shall i create a new topic?

If it’s a different issue, start a new topic with an appropriate title.

I will! Thanks again