I need help please its worth everything for my grade.

We have to do a bowling ally with pins and it has to be animated for 1 min, it has to move and stuff. i got no idea how to do that. please somebody help me out its due in a week, and so far i got nothing. please someone help me out by doin a tutorial or somethin, i will really apearicate it.

I’d suggest that first you get the static scene ready to go (modeling, texturing, lighting etc). Then worry about the actual animation.

Here is a starting point. Give us more information about what you need! Does it need to be textured? Does it needto be a game or just an animation?


bowling.blend (273 KB)

you could try game physics in 2.49b with the ball set at an initial velocity and RECORD TO IPO for when it hits the pins

You could actually prepare next time. You’re screwed now. A week to make a 1 minute animation by yourself when you “have no idea” how to make it “move and stuff.” I don’t know, watch some super3boy tutorials and get some coffee.