I Need Help Pleeeeez

I NEED HELP!!! i cant figur out how to make a loading screen… like a 0-100% type loading screen…

plz and thank you!


You can’t. There is no way to access that kind of information (percentage of game loaded) in the current BGE. Perhaps someone will add that feature later.

For now, you can just use a simple splash screen that says “Loading…” on it to at least let the player know that something is happening.

You’ll find that many questions like this one have already been answered several times. The forum search bar works very well for finding the answers you need, and it often saves you the time of waiting for someone to reply to your new thread.

Now, here is a bit of uncommon Blender knowledge to help you on your way to becoming daBlendaMasta! – The Blender 2.25 web plugin does have a loading screen that functions exactly the way you want it to. It also has a color changing rabbit on this loading screen. If you create your web plugin games with a licensed copy of Blender 2.25, you can specify your own custom loading scene (a .blend you create) in the Internet Explorer plugin. (The license key for Blender 2.25 is freely available at blender.org)

And please: in the future name the topic a bit…better. Something like “I need help with loading screens” would have been better than “I Need Help Pleeeeez”.

lol thnx guys… i thought that info like that was already availiable… thnx anyways!

try the search function before posting next time please