I need help plzz “building blenderSVN”

I am using scons+mingw + python2.5 to build it on Vista 64bit ,I get this error

Compiling ==> ‘sss.c’
Compiling ==> ‘strand.c’
Compiling ==> ‘sunsky.c’
Compiling ==> ‘texture.c’
Compiling ==> ‘zbuf.c’
Linking library ==> ‘libsrc.a’
scons: `C:\build\build\win32-mingw\lib\libblender_render.a’ is up to date.
The command line is too long.
scons: *** [C:\build\build\win32-mingw\lib\libsrc.a] Error 1
Compiling ==> ‘CMP_util.c’
scons: building terminated because of errors.

I did my best to fix it by re install mingw and re edit path many many time and same Error ! :spin:
I didn’t use “user-config file” and I didn’t find “libsrc.a” file on my pc !
I have to tell you I am compiling or building Blender2.5 and no error on same pc same path same programs ! !:confused:
Anyone can help me ? I am going to crazy I love to test any new update in SVN :frowning:

scons BF_SPLIT_SRC=1
This is quite annoying and sometimes wont work either, its only a problem for windows but should not effect 2.5.

Finley I need to cry ^^ hhhhhhhh
Thanks ideasman it is working new ^
^ thanks