I need help positioning a rigged hand and animaniacs that can help!

I have a copy of a rigged hand I need positioned correctly holding a golf club. all I have is a Right hand so I need it as if it were a left handed golfer. Please Help. ian_finn-Realistic male hand model-451.zip here is a link to the rigged hand.

108 MB?
The Zip File Contains 11 Zip Files. And all images are packed 11 times into each zip file.
Well okay it’s obvious not so good organized. However you have many formats:
max (+2010, +2011), 3dm, 3ds, c4d, lwo, obj, rh, xsi, fbx.
As far as i know it is possible to import an Object & Rig with maybe a dae-file, but you dont have any export for that.

I could:
Import the obj File, but it does not contain the rig.
Import 3ds-files, but the rig was offset and not identified as rig.

So it was clearly not built in Blender and it is not possible to use it with Blender, without building an own rig. But the model is already triangulated, which makes it difficult to adjust the Weight Paint. My guess would be to find some help in a forum that fits to your origin File (Maya, Cinema 4D or 3D Studio Max), because a Blender User can’t work with it.
But maybe you are lucky and find someone here, who uses one of thes Programs.