I need help! Rigging is making my day worse

farmer.blend (1.26 MB)

this a character im trying to rig, ive tried all those forums and nothing seems to work… could u tell me why and how is this hapening? only happens to the cloths that i have heree.

any fix?

thanks guys

Your weight painting is seriously messed up. Select the shirt and go into weight paint mode. Right click on the left shoulder bone: a lot of the left sleeve lights up. Right click on the left upper arm bone: some of the left sleeve also lights up. These bones share influence on the left sleeve: when the left upper arm moves, and the left shoulder does not move, the sleeve only moves half way.

Now right click on the left forearm: nothing lights up. The left forearm bone has NO influence on the sleeve’s motion. (It appears to have a bit of influence, but that is because one or more of the hand bones affect the end of the sleeve, so when the forearm moves, the hand bones move, too, and move the sleeve a little bit.)

Check out tutorials or the Blender Wiki on weight painting. You have a lot of work to do.

well i tried automatic weights, that’s why its all messed up…i uploaded the file that was freshly added, deleting vertex groups and applying auto weights again. maybe something wrong with the mesh that i have ?

Automatic weights is going to ignore your left forearm bone because, for some unknown reason, it isn’t set up as a deform bone (See bone panel, deform is not checked for that bone.) As to the rest, my guess, and it is merely a guess, is that automatic weights is confused because you have many bones marked as deform bones that are nowhere near the shirt mesh.

Try setting all the bones that should not affect the shirt (head, hands, neck, etc.) to not deform, and all the bones that should affect the shirt to deform, then try automatic weights again. Might work better, might not.

In any event, automatic weights is not meant to be a perfect solution to weight painting a mesh, merely a pretty good automated starting point. It will automatically create vertex groups from the bone names (a major pita to do without automatic weight painting) and do some preliminary weight assignments to those vertex groups.

There is always tweaking to do after automatic weight painting. Blender has some other tools (envelopes) that might help pre-tweak automatic weight painting, but some hand work is usually always needed.

Yes, as im running out of time i think manual is the best way… i hope it doesnt mess up in the manual too… surely something wrong with the mesh, coz i tried the base mesh of the farmer it went great. just the autoweighting. Really confused why this happened in a critical situation like this.

Thanks for your time nocco! Your awesome!