I need help too

Hello all I was wondering if someone could make a 3d animation for me using blender3d. I want this logo to be transformed into 3d and have some sort of effect that would look nice on a web page. Here’s the pic address.


its not that hard but is the G and the C supposed to be in the same mesh? or behind each other??

oh by the way my blender program is not working so I can’t do it myself

It is the same mesh

If could can you do it in a video format. I am going incorperate using flash mx.

what do you want the logo to do?

anything idk spin i guess? anything you come up with. I just need a better logo for my website to incorperate in our ads and flash movies.

ok, i’ll just make a spin first then?

btw, the background color. what color you want?

is this kinda what you are looking for??

it is kinda cool with the i inside the C, or do you want it plain and clean like the logo as it is just spinning?
are you going to use the logo in the head banner, or just for smaller places? like ads…

Dude thats like exactly what I want. Um for the background uuuh make it um white for now then can you post .blend so that when I get blender fixed i can edit?

Oh yeah can you make them shiny like that also? If it’s not too much I mean.

Working on it now. What resolution should the image be?

Edit: By the way, Kronor, I’m not trying to steal your project. I just thought this would be nice practice and the more choices Vincimus has, the better.

Before I animate it, here’s a test render. I couldn’t view the webpage example, so I made the lighting and everything as I had imagined it. Go ahead and tell me what to change. Right now, the logo is made of two bezier curves, with the g in front of the c. Should I change it so they’re merged together?

Edit: I changed the lighting; much better now.


how bout the original 73 by 88 and ty guys

Can you make the C and the G more shiny though? Kind of glossy. Oh and make the background white? Not to be picky or anything. Oh and merge two yeah.

Glossy as in looking like they have a plastic coating? Oh, and while that image is up, would you like the edges to be sharp like the c or smooth like the g?

I want it rounded and glossy kind of like well like this! Like the car how its shiny! you know

do you understand what I am saying?

Yeah, I get what you’re saying. I’ve just been animating it. Took me forever because I couldn’t understand how to edit IPO curves at first. :slight_smile: