I need HELP using the "Explode Mesh" script (explo

I’m trying to use the explode mesh script at http://jmsoler.free.fr/didacticiel/blender/tutor/cpl_meshexplosion_en.htm
I can’t get past the small script called “scriptlink.py”. I’m getting an error on the next to the last line that reads “MESH3D.addScriptLink(NAME,EVENT)”.
Have any of you guys used this before or have any idea what my problem might be? I’m getting desperate. Any help would be appreciated.

In the Buttons Window you need to goto Panels, Script, Enable ScriptLinks, New and select ScriptLinks.py from the list. Then run the main script again.


I’m still not getting it. I enabled script links and selected new and picked scriptlink.py form the dropdown, went backto my text window and did alt P and I’m still getting the error at the same line.