I need help using transparency textures in 2.58 please!

Hey all, just asking how to use a .png texture with transparency in 2.58, I tried using my knowledge in the 2.4X version, but I got a mess of a render, the spec is going over the invisible section, and it is outlined in these white dots :I

Can anyone put me on the right track please?

I’ll upload a render of my failure so you guys can understand my predicament :frowning:


In the Texture / Image panel select the ‘Premultiply’ checkbox
If that doesn’t work
In the Render / Shading panel change the Alpha from Sky to Premultiplied

That fixed the white dots, but how to i affect the specularity to only show on the leaf, and not the invisible parts?

Never mind, I found it in the transparency section, thank you so much for helping out!