I need help via RemoteDesktop


I am new in Blender. I have skype or Teamviewer and want to ask if someone can answer me some questions. I prefer in German but if you are fine with my plain English, that can work too. Mainly I want to finish some scenes with more improved result. My images are looking too simple because I am new.

I can pay or perhaps you nees some service from me: Aplication development, apps, music production, design, photo.


Thank you guys for your help. Your quick help. It is amazing how Blender works and how you can play with it. For the current project I am satisfied.

Until next time

Thank you all for the quick contact.

I solved the work with your amazing help.

Until next time

Thank you for your contacts.

We could solve all with amazing help.

until next time

Please if this offer is finished, close this thread Thanks.

HI, this is Dan from Blender for Noobs - you can check out my videos on youtube to see my style and if you like. I can offer some help if needed. See link here: https://www.fiverr.com/infiniteoasis/teach-you-3d-modeling?arrived_from_manage_gigs=true&display_share=true