I need help weight painting a character in Blender.Please reply if you can.

I have a low poly character that I am having trouble weight painting, does anyone know how I can fix this predicament? When I use weight paint I find it really unreliable and the product ends up worse than it was. Example if I move an arm the head and chest move with it.

Not much to work with there. Vertex weights go to vertex groups that have same names as bones that deform the mesh. If moving the arm moves chest and head, that probably means their vertices are weighted in a group that move the arm, so remove the weights.

When the mesh has an armature modifier, you can put the armature in pose mode and then switch the mesh to weight paint which then allows to select a bone and see the weights for that vertex group.

Perhaps also check the tutorial linked in my signature.

I apologize, I don’t exactly know what you mean by that.