I need help with a clipart style sign

Hello i have just started a small bussiness making vinyl decals for shops etc etc but i have been approached by someone wanting a clipart style sign basically its a computer shop that wants a cloud with some text on it and some like signal bars comming out of the bottom i can show an example of what i mean if needed but because he wants photo quality stuff i thought i would try to seek help from someone with blender skills i have played around with blender and can do some things myself but i am very slow and there are key things that i just dont know for example how to get a rendering of said an immage thats actual size for large scale printing. This job could possibly lead to some paid work unfortunately at this time i am broke and living on bread and water while trying to get this bussiness off the ground…(true story) but like i say this could lead to future paid jobs once i figure out how much a job like this costs to produce and actually get it onto shop frontage please let me know if anyone would be interested in looking at the project or abit of possible future work depending on how well this all goes.

this kind of work is done in Adobe Illustrator to get a vector image that could be scaled to any size.