I need help with a golden material (img)

Anyone know how do I make this in cycles? I got the mesh, but this material is being hard to produce

I’m pretty new to materials as well but I’m not sure if that is more light placement instead of material. Here is a super fast test render I did with a very basic node setup. I wasn’t too careful with light placement but I thinks its close. Hopefully smarter folks with blender can add to the discussion.


The material itself looks ok, if a little over saturated. Try toning down the colour a bit.

The main issue is that your mesh doesn’t have the same definition in the centre area as the reference image - and as such your reflections wont be the same.

Metallic materials like this are also very sensitive to lighting and background. They need something to reflect and changes to that background can affect the way the material looks quite dramatically. Try changing the background environment or use a studio lighting HDRI like these ones:

OLG and moony, thank you guys I got a nice result with the node setup + the tips and HDR from moony :smiley: