I need help with add-ons

I’m slowly learning Blender, As I have worked in Maya since 2006 before Maya was even Autodesk.
I love what i see in demos online and the depth that blender has as a Free software.
I can’t wait till I can just jump in and create likeI have in the past with Maya.

So I’m trying to add, add-ons like BlenderGis, and True Terran. Unfortunately, I see nothing happen when I goto pref. then Add-ons and click install, and find the rar file, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

skip to 1:11 in the video. I show that nothing is happening.

Your video is private and therefore unwatchable.

After installing, you search for it by name, and enable it.

It’s not showing the instal at the bottom and there is nothing to enable. I’m so confused on it. It is a laptop could that be the Issue?