i need help with an expression!

im trying to make a simple car to run in Bzoo and you can drive it if the propery “in” is equal to one. i know that you have to use an expression controller to control if that particular thing works but i have no idea about how expressions work! plz tell me what kind of expression i need!


anyone got an idea?

Use a property actuator, type in the property name “in” you can either assign or add a value there.

You also will need to make a property named “in”, also make it into an integer

well coming up with a system of knowing if ur character is in the car might be kinda complicated for me…

well, if I well understood, in your simple case, select the car, add a INT property
named “in” value:0 as Mmph! said, link the keyboard Sensors that control
the car to an Expression Controler, then type this in text field:
in == 1
and them link this to the different motion actuators