I need help with attaching grass particles to plane

So I’m trying to model a grassy landscape using a plane mesh and hair particles but the problem is, my grass particles are floating above the plane and I’m trying to make them rooted into the plane like actual grass, but I don’t know how. I created some grass blade meshes in the last layer, duplicated them and tweaked a few of them to add some variation, and I created some vertex groups to have them in. Basically, I had the hair particles render as the group of grass blade meshes which I created in the last layer of Blender. Here are the screenshots of the viewport and the settings which I applied to the plane and grass blade meshes. I checked to see that this pertained to both Orthagonal and Perspective mode but of course since with Orthagonal mode the laws of distance aren’t applied, then there’s no true way to tell if the grass will attach to the plane when using that mode. So my conjecture is that in order to make sure that the grass is RIGHT ON the plane, I should use perspective mode. Now, I could be wrong so can somebody correct me if I am? I really could use someone’s help right now. Thank you.