I need help with blender 2.78

I have a serious problem in Blender 2.78. I’m working on a project that I always save religiously. Today when I tried to open it, it just says “error: missing dna block”. I really can’t just redo everything and I don’t know what to do. Any ideas?

I had the same problem, did not find a solution. However, I was done with those files and didn’t bother beyond a certain point.

1st thing to do: find the backup files. They are saved as .blend1 alongside the main .blend files. You just rename the blend1 into blend and you can open them normally, or you can use the in-Blender method that I don’t recall.

2nd, you can try to bring elements from those files with the append command (File>Append) in the menu. it will take some time but it’s better than redoing everything.

3rd get a programmer to analyze the dna block and make a tool for repairing it and release that tool to other people who need it.