i need help with fireworks

Does anyone know whether the firework tutorial on the blender site still works with blender 2.46?
I’m pretty sure i did everything it said, but i can never see the particles animated. If anyone knows what might be the problem or if you can tell me how to make fireworks, i would greatly appreciate it.

ok, its my time to shine :slight_smile: I just recently figured out this problem. animate your first particle system make sure the are only a about 15 particles, you need to add a second particle system, then change it from an emitter to a reactor, in the emit from section change it from faces to particle, then set the random to the level youll like. there is so much more you can do. this should just give you an idea. there is so much you can do with reactor particles. hopefull it all works out. Im pretty sure there are many more on this site who can explain this better than i can. good luck

thanks. still confused about just a few things. when you say add another particle system, you mean that if i have one uv sphere with particles, i need to add another one? Also how do i change it to a reactor, i can’t find any buttons to do it. And in the “emit from” section, I only see buttons for face and vertex, no particle button.

nah you dont have to make an extra sphere. in the particles tab where it says <1 part 1> you click the right arrow and it adds another particle system to the actual object. I think you can actually have up to 10 particle systems on 1 object (dont take my word on it) but like I said there are probably more people on here who can help you better than I can

oh and one more thing you have to change it to reactor 1st before you get the option particle. where you get reactor is in the top left corner of the particle options where it will allow you to change the name of the particle system. right underneath it sould say emitter, click on that and change it to reactor.

Thanks for all your help, but i still can’t find it. i attached a picture of what i have to work with particles, i’ve looked but i haven’t seen any other buttons window dealing with particles.


oopsies, I didnt realize you were using the old particle system, Im sorry I was explaining on how to do it on the new one

hellot you are not using 2.46! You are still on 2.45 in this case your tutorial should work.
If you switch to 2.46 you will probably not be able to use the tutorial as the whole particle system changed. You will have to do what orclord told you.

Woops! Sorry, i could’ve sworn i had 2.46; i guess i don’t pay attention when i start blender up. i think the tuorial is even older than 2.45, because i didn’t have any success with it and it had a different layout. Anyway, i downloaded 2.46 and have made progress. i still have a few questions though: how can i change the particles to vectors and how can i get a sudden burst like a firework effect? i set the start and end frames to 25, but i get really slow moving particles. Also how can i get the particles to shoot out farther from the sphere?