I need help with importing objects.

Whenever I import an object into my current game, it places the object into every layer. When I try to delete it from the layers I don’t want it in it deletes them in every layer. I am really confused with this and would really like help with how to fix this.

Can someone please help with this problem?

i suppose you are trying to import makehuman models? (a guess)
if that is not the case which is your importing format(.obj, .dxf etc)
Some info on what procedure you are using would help.

Well I was trying to import in a crate I was using .dae to import

Can’t You just change the layer mask?

You don’t delete it, move it to the layer you want (select the object and press M).

how do I change the layer mask?
And quandtum it was already in the layer I wanted but the problem was it was popping up in every layer.

And whenever I had changed the size, duplicated the object it also did it in the other layers as well.

In the object tab, under relations, You can set witch layers an object should be visible on. Unselect the layers You don’t want. Do that work?

Quandtum’s method will work fine, as well. Select the object, and press M - you’ll probably see several layers are highlighted. Select only the layer you want the object to appear on (or, use Shift-Click to select more, if you want it to appear on more than one layer). However, I’m not sure how well the BGE handles objects spreading across multiple layers.

ok thanks Quandtum thanks solar